Frequently Asked Questions
What is Metaphysical Healing?

A combination of intuitive reading, prayer work, therapeutic imagery, ancestral healing and inner child work. Based on the ThetaHealing method, Metaphysical Healing is a fast, yet gentle approach to mental clarity and emotional ease. This Advanced Energy Healing is a skillful way of seeing your current limitations, blocks, pain or desires from a place of spiritual wholeness, thereby, accessing the hidden beliefs waiting to be transformed or replaced. 

It all sounds pretty out there, I know, but in reality, it is a simple, tried and tested method of assisted introspection and change.

Who makes use of an Intuitive Healer?

Metaphysical Healing is for anyone with a desire to allow for deep inner change and the willingness to meet the process half way. It is especially helpful in resolving repetitive patterns in our lives, such as those common to relationships, body image, confidence money and sexuality. 

Let’s face it, we all go through knocks in life and knocks leave scars. We can all do with a little healing, love and support. 

How does one become an Intuitive/Metaphysical Healer?

Becoming an Intuitive Healer is a calling, a lifestyle and a continuous refinement in skill, education and approach. Anyone with a calling can develop as intuitive healer, permitting the presence of compassion and a desire for deeper truth. There are various paths to becoming an intuitive healer, such as through Clairvoyance and Clairsentience Development,  Somatic and Felt-sense work and Yoga. Reiki, Chakra Healing and Breathwork are popular modalities. Therapeutic dialoguing techniques as gained from modern Psychology, Therapeutic Imagery and Parts Therapy are helpful skills. ThetaHealing is a comprehensive MetaphysicalHealing modality that includes Chakra Healing, Trauma Release, Ancestral Healing and Inner Child Healing. Find your healing superpower and develop it.

What is Pelvic Wellness?

Your pelvis forms the foudation of your physical structure, hosts the biggest muscle in your body , is the home of your reproductive organs and houses the energy centers associated to survival and emotional stability.

In short, you want this region to be free from traumatic residue in its tissues so that you can thrive as a creative, confident being, deeply connected to your soul's calling.

Fear, inhibition, shyness, dissatisfaction, being stuck, trapped or unfulfilled; Inability to express your desires, ask for what you need or create personal charisma, can all indicate benefit in addressing your pelvic wellness.

What is Holistic Sexuality Education?

Holistic Sexuality Education is a new concept in sexuality education, incorporating the cognitive, emotional, social, interactive and physical aspects of sexuality. Holistic sexuality education aims at teaching you how to how to value your sexuality and how to become confident in your ability to express your authentic, creative self.


How do I know if Coaching is for me?

Your sexual expression is at the core of your expression to the greater of life? A private sexuality session, opens the discussion to your sensual desires and a forms a selective approach in how to achieve it. Sexual energy is at the core of our creative expression. When we feel confident in our sexuality, we generally feel confident in all areas of life.

Lacking motivation, drive, creative outlet? Stuck on porn, or unable get excited when your partner touches you, then this is for you! However, even if you are pretty satisfied sexually and creatively, sexuality coaching will help you discover the next level of  self-authority.

Do you work with men?

Yes, I work with men and have had great success in helping them shift to a calmer more self-assured states through both healing and coaching work.

Do you work with couples?

Discovering your partners real needs through a facilitated proess, is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in a relationship.

Through a 7 step process of honoring each others' needs, both partners will feel seen and met like never before. 

Sign up for a single session or an in-depth experience over six sessions.

Have any further questions?

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