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 Get Clarity • Uncover Hidden Beliefs • Find Your Healing Starting Point • Discover Your Chakra Strength 

Would you like to know what your chakras have to say about you?

Chakras are centers within the energy body each of us live in. They can’t be seen with the naked eye, yet easily reveal their qualities through extra-sensory inquiry.

Your Chakras are related to your body systems, colors, frequencies, thought and belief patterns. Through a chakra reading you can find  out what your unique strenghts are, where you need a support and receive some yogic suggestions on how to move through areas where you feel stuck..

Follow up with Advanced Energy Clearing. Energy clearing is the first step to ensure lasting change to your transformational efforts.

How To Schedule:

Choose your prefered timeslot below, or contact me to find available times. Then click on the session you’d like to book and complete the payment prompts from there.

Intuitive Chakra Reading

An intuitive reading can give you insight into aspects of your life and intimacy patterns that are slightly beneath the surface.

Find out what your chakras reveal about  you. what is your strongest energy center and how it can help to liberate the others.

Uncover the thoughts, beliefs and emotional patterns holding you back, so that you can clear them and enjoy freedom in all aspects of your being. 

Core Healing

An advanced energy healing, zones in on your current life issue to bring instant positive change.

So, you want more charisma, you want your partner to notice you, be less shy, inhibited or restricted? You’re in the friend zone, when in fact you want more. Have you endured sexual trauma, and find it challenging to trust again?

Despite all the books and blogs and advice, you keep coming back to repeat the same situations.

Through advanced energy healing, we access the root of the problem and introduce instant positive change.  It is much like dusting off an unknown treasure chest right in front of you, before recognizing your windfall. Let’s clear those hidden blocks to your emotional freedom.

No issue is too big or small for advanced energy healing. Through valued tried and tested methods of sub-conscious clearing and healing, you can be assured to recover a dusty inner jewel, even a single time.


I wanted to learn how how to manage some long held frustratations and contacted Amanda for insight. Amanda suggested for my wife join us and we fully committed to 7 sessions. What I found most interesting was how long past events still influence me today. I feel a lot lighter now and more at ease. I really enjoyed working with Amanda and got so much more out of it than what I originally I signed up for.


I booked the Life mission Mantra Session with Amanda and had an amazing time with a view of the Sedona Red Rocks. I felt a lot clearer when I left and would recommend this session to anyone looking for some life clarity.

Oct. 2019


Amanda’s patient, intuitive guidance during my session was perfect! Emotions and fears that had been stuck inside my organs for years finally got a voice. Thank you so much! 

Aksel Vega

I had a virtual reading done with Amanda and the experience was profound. The entire reading was done in love and light and there was a constant feeling of warmth and caring.

Amanda’s messages were clear and concise. She touched on subjects I did not think were going to be part of the reading and the messages were personal and relevant.

Her guidance and healing have left me feeling lighter and burdens have been lifted.

I am excited to take my daughter for the treatment as recommended.

Would definitely be contacting Amanda again for future readings!

Nov 2020

Tammy Davies

What an amazing experience!! I felt as though she was peering deep into my Soul! She brought up details about my life that she could not know. Some things she wasn’t sure about, what they meant, but I did! She was VERY GOOD at conveying what Spirit was relaying to her. Amanda was clear and articulate in her reading. She even got emotional about some of the visions for my life that she received, they were so powerful! I was able to relate to a lot of what she said, and some things I didn’t understand at first, but in just a few weeks time they became VERY evident.
I would highly recommend seeing Amanda for an intuitive reading. I shared her insights with my Husband, and he was in awe and would like to have a reading done for himself. Thank you Amanda!


Amanda was very bright and insightful. She asked great questions and tailored the discussion specifically to us. We are glad we did this!

Melinda and Griff

I had my first in-person intuitive reading with Amanda on 11/11. Amanda’s gentle demeanor immediately put me at ease. Some of what she shared verified what I already knew but what truly helped me were the insights she shared that is now helping guide me forward on my path.  Her guidance along with her healing energy has given me a new perspective and reminder to allow myself to let go of my fears. Thank you Amanda!


Fast forward to 11/20, I had another reading from Amanda this time via phone. There was so much in the initial reading that I needed to clarify and dig deeper into. Amanda’s way of relaying messages were in a loving and beautiful way. 

I walked away from that call with new inspiration and a lighter brighter outlook into what the future may hold. Thank you Amanda for your help and healing energy. Hazel Bellemare 

Hazel Bellemare

 I recently had a reading by Amanda. She was absolutely spot on. Amanda was very professional yet cordial and friendly putting me at ease for the reading. Using a flower-reading-method, she was able to see exactly where I am in my current life and how it is progressing. She answered my questions quite accurately and I feel confident anyone having a reading by Amanda will be happy and satisfied with the information she conveys.


It’s difficult to put into precise words how incredible this experience was for me. I went into the reading with zero knowledge of what this reading would entail or expectations. I was truly blown away by your accuracy on the symbolic messages that you perceived about the stage that I find myself in at this time of my life. Your descriptions of every symbol or image that you’d capture were extremely powerful and meaningful for me. I was able to connect every message to what it represents in my life and gave me clarity on a very heavy particular matter I had been carrying my whole life. I am able to breathe better and it gave me so much confidence that I am on the right path. So, thank you, Amanda for being so wonderful and an amazing reading– you have an incredible gift


Amanda’s reading was spot on!! she picked up on my religious upbringing and how that programming affected my sex life. she gave great suggestions on how to improve it! it was not invasive at all! You will be delighted how good of a reading it is!


I thought that I was already an open person before I started my coaching. I was surprized how much more of myself I discovered and how much more I now want to know. My relationship with my husband is much better now. We laugh more and our communication is easier. 


YES if you are considering. An epic experience to explore and learn. Ms. Amanda has a true gift. She shares her unique connection to awaken the light within YOU. You will be grateful for her, like me.


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