Hi I’m Amanda

I’m a Body-Psychic helping spiritually-minded individuals refine their healing journey.

I offer Intuitive Readings by channeling your energetic field in relation to your higher self. This is a reading, healing, and practical guidance session all in one. 

I provide Somatic Energy Healing through a trauma-informed approach. In this coaching style session we access the root of your limiting beliefs, so we can change it!

I offer Coaching packages for all things Sacral Chakra, which include Overcoming sexual shame and inhibition, Self-Restoration, Self-Connection, Inner-Child Healing and Re-sensitizing bodily sensation.


Re-sensitize. Feel Good. Find Total Release

Traumatic events may leave us with cognitive dissonance, lack of self-worth, and spiritual abandonment. When we feel isolated, misunderstood, and betrayed, it can be hard to imagine ever feeling good again.

But in no time, you will know what it feels like to be:

  • Sensually expressed

  • Really seen by your partner

  • Communicate your needs – in the bedroom and in life

  • Magnetic to your desires

  • Integrate your sexuality with spirituality

Through your Intimate Chakra Journey, you will develop a profound connection with your body, mind, and higher power to overcome the effects of 

Narcissistic Relationships, Religious Wounding, Negative Social Conditioning & Limiting Beliefs.



I wanted to learn how how to manage some long held frustratations and contacted Amanda for insight. Amanda suggested for my wife join us and we fully commited to 6 sessions. What I found most interesting was how long past events still influence me today. I feel a lot lighter now and more at ease. I really enjoyed working with Amanda and got so much more out of it than what I originally I signed up for.


Amanda’s reading was spot on!! she picked up on my religious upbringing and how that programming affected my sex life. She gave great suggestions on how to improve it! it was not invasive at all! You will be delighted how good of a reading it is! – Linda Sostak

Amanda was very bright and insightful. She asked great questions and tailored the discussion specifically to us. We are glad we did this!

Melinda and Griff

I thought I was already open before I started my coaching. I was surprised by how much more of myself I discovered and how much more I now want to know. My relationship with my husband is much better now. We laugh more and our communication is easier. 


What an amazing experience!! I felt as though she was peering deep into my Soul! She brought up details about my life that she could not know. Some things she wasn’t sure about, what they meant, but I did! She was VERY GOOD at conveying what Spirit was relaying to her. Amanda was clear and articulate in her reading. She even got emotional about some of the visions for my life that she received, they were so powerful! I was able to relate to a lot of what she said, and some things I didn’t understand at first, but in just a few weeks time they became VERY evident.
I would highly recommend seeing Amanda for an intuitive reading. I shared her insights with my Husband, and he was in awe and would like to have a reading done for himself. Thank you Amanda!


It’s difficult to put into precise words how incredible this experience was for me. I went into the reading with zero knowledge of what this reading would entail or expectations. I was truly blown away by your accuracy on the symbolic messages that you perceived about the stage that I find myself in at this time of my life. Your descriptions of every symbol or image that you’d capture were extremely powerful and meaningful for me. I was able to connect every message to what it represents in my life and gave me clarity on a very heavy particular matter I had been carrying my whole life. I am able to breathe better and it gave me so much confidence that I am on the right path. So, thank you, Amanda for being so wonderful and an amazing reading– you have an incredible gift


4 week 1 : 1 Program Spiritual Track

Coming home to yourself is less about adding more labels, and more about letting go of what is not authentically YOU. Through Your Life Mantra, Energetic Clearing, Spiritual Integration, and a Self-appreciation Ceremony, your new life awaits. 

4 week 1 : 1 Program Sensual Track

Want to be more empowered, embodied and desired?

Understanding your core desires will give you a new sense of self, confidence and flair, leading you from shame to game!

signature Program chakras & Intimacy

What would it be like to feel comfortable in your own skin at all times?

How would you like to be seen and appreciated? Reclaiming your sensual self is easier than you think.

Spiritual Intuitive Reading

Intuitive Intimacy Reading

Somatic Energy Healing

My mission is to support you in expressing your most authentic self.

Hi am Amanda.

I am a trauma-informed somatic energy healer , RYT500 tantra yoga teacher and intuitive sensuality advisor. People who work with me say they feel deeply listened to and understood.I help people improve sacral chakra wellness and all things related. Let me help you reclaim self-authority, confidence and self-esteem.

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